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Cooler than The Strokes, but That's Not Too Hard, Is It?

Name of Album: Turn on the Bright Lights
Artist/Group: Interpol
Genre: Indie Rock
****/***** (4 out of 5)
Why: Interpol has taken some of the best pieces of post-punk alternative music and formed them into a coherent, emotional piece of work. The logical extension of Joy Division and the Chameleons UK's body of work. Also reminescent of the Cure or Echo & the Bunnymen, but with a modern twist.
Favorite Track: "Untitled", but it could easily be any of the other tracks depending on the day.
Least Favorite Track: Obstacle 2, but not by much. It's hard to pick a least favorite track on this disc.
Would you recommend this to others?: Yes, especially if the listener is passably knowledgeable of the previously mentioned bands. This is a great album to put on during a grey, rainy afternoon. The opening cut, "Untitled", helps set the mood for the record, cereberal melancholy but with a groove. If the listener is not familiar with the aforementioned bands, then this will be a treat.
Other comments: Give this disc three or four spins before making a decision. Further reviews available at
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