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hello, my name is Arjay and i love music just as much as any loves it...just a bit more. i have a collection of records that span from different genres; emo, punk, classic rock, funk, stoner rock, 80's and 90's alternative, old school hip hop, and many more. i mostly enjoy the sounds of emo, emocore, and punk, but im not prejudice and i do listen before i judge. i believe that this community was a brilliant idea because people do need to hear about music and what others think. i would like to do a review right not if you dont mind.

Album- Straylight Run
Group- Straylight Run
Genre- emo
Favorite Track- The Tension and Terror
Least Favorite- Your Name Here
first let me comment on the band. Taking Back Sunday's John left the band and formed another band with his sister, the lead from TBS, and the drummer from Breaking Pangea. the use of the piano is brilliant and John's sister does put out some very good sounds. there album is mostly about the regular emo things; girls/guys, love, and breaks up. if you enjoy Something Corporate, Taking Back Sunday, or Dashboard Confessional then you might find a liking in this CD.
i do indeed recommend that people shoudl buy it if you're into that scene.
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