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hey, i'm the new guy

hey guys - i'm brian, i'm new to the community. i have an extensive cd collection and am always buying and selling to see what kind of stuff i can get my hands on. what kind of stuff, you ask? anything, really. my main thing is jazz, but i'm a huge fan of rock (including a lot of stuff from the uk, whom probably has one of the better rock scenes), rap, funk, emo/screamo, dance... well, you get the idea. well, without further ado... my first review

name of album: simon
name of group: grüvis malt
genre: futurock (rock, hiphop, jazz, funk, ska)

why:grüvis malt is a local band (local to me - providence is local enough :D), and have released a few other albums prior to simon - both of which are strong albums as well, and if i get some time, i'll review those for you as well. anywho, i went down to newbury comics and found this as soon as i heard that it had been released - new in 2004, yes. fortunately for them, they've put out another solid album. the entire cd is quite accessible for the average listener, but for those of you with refined tastes, these guys pull off some crazy shit. track six, water closet, is an instrumental which features keyboards, guitar and saxophone in a mixed jazz/rock frenzy (think dream theater/liquid tension experiment, except better :D). the album's programming is good in general; they'll pick you up in one song, and then take you to an opposite musical world in the next. one of the best things is the lyricism found on the album. slightly abstract on the first few listenings, but easier to see the meanings - everything is up for interpretation. something that i think the openminded need to give a listen to. a little hard to find, these guys have been around the independent labels and not many places carry this. you might have to find it somewhere online.

favorite track:the fists of protocol - good lyric, sounds like something i haven't heard anywhere before, but fresh and new and exciting.

least favorite track:what ladder? - the song's theme is about how these guys have been around for years and haven't been noticed and are living off of the scraps of money they make at playing shitty local gigs. enough with the sob story, guys, let's hear something that makes us want to check you out; this doesn't help your case.

would i recommend this to others? YES INDEED!grüvis malt brings incredible energy to their recording sessions and they put out quality efforts. while taking music to new heights and lengths, they still can just get down and funky on tracks like b612, or cool things off on cuts like exit strategy, which is the last track on the album - a good work of programming. if you want to get into something interesting you probably haven't heard, i'd say give it a listen. you have my approval :)

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